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  • Jul 12
  • #880873

Found plastic in my bag of chips i want a refund 18 sampson st whyalla 5608 south australia daniel sellar mail only

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stop burning my chips... third chip now... the joke is over.. no more burnt chips ok? WOW I need to complain with at least 100 words... do you like burnt chips. I hope you do since I will send you all my burnt chips to Frito Lay Consumer Support Attn: Doritos Customer Service PO Box 660634 Dallas, TX 75266 - See more at: anyways I like your products but your burnt chips taste... Read more

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I have recently been buying bags of Doritos with very little of the flavoring added. I like the Spicy Nachos because I prefer the bold taste, but the last two bags are nearly just plain corn chips. If I wanted plain corn chips I would have made some salsa beforehand. I have experienced this problem before and it corrected itself. I am complaining about the lack of quality control with Doritos because there doesn't seem to be any. Next time... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 21, 2015
  • #669708

Cannot get Dorritos Salsa Verde in South Carolina. *** not anywhere on East Coast. This is the BEST FLAVORED CHIP YOU OFFER, yet not here!! WHY

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I was thinking how in the *** would you think seeing two queers kissing in a lake would make me want some doritos perosnaly I would need some thing for being sick at my stomach plumb sicking thank you I really don/t need 100 words to tell you how *** I think this commerchel is but will try to say your educated fools that thought up is such a good idiah to please all the gays is *** there is a whole lot more straight people than gays that you... Read more

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When I opened the family bag of doritoes chips and they were stale, smelled weird, and they were a weird color. i ended up just throwing the bag away. is there a way anyone can replace this? i went to the store and they said i had to contact the doritos company. usually i never have this problem i love doritos chips especially the spicy kind. thank you if anyone helps id really appreciate it please contact me at i would... Read more

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Reached in to bag and found a Dorito nugget Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 04, 2015
  • #630613

Chunk of cheese in Doritos

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Doritos now down to 10.5 oz bag, and hardly any seasoning. I will stop buying.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 11, 2014
  • #509278

Please bring back the original flavor of Doritos. The new cheese flavor is horrible

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